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Mafia Revenge is an online action video game that puts you right in the middle of high speed chases and shootings between mafia cars controlled by other online players. This is very much an online PvP game that challenges you to protect your character.

Controls are real-time meaning you have to manually aim towards your enemy as well as hide behind your car in order to avoid rival attacks and alternate between your basic weapons and grenades or some other type of special equipment that you can use every so often.

As you start winning battles you'll start earning coins that can be used to improve your equipment: either the weapons you have, the cars you drive or even your characters (each one has its own special skills). As an added bonus, your victories can earn you special chests that contain really interesting rewards.

Mafia Revenge is an incredibly fun action game that has a very unique dynamic and offers amazing visuals and an interesting theme centered on, well, the 'waste management business' (aka mob, mafia, cosa nostra, etc). Dominate your enemies to become the most influential made man in town.
By Erika
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Android 4.3 or greater is required

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